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Take reliable backups of your code

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Set and forget. Automatically backup newly created repositories. Powerful settings to backup on your terms.

Your place or mine?

Bring your own cloud. Stay in control of your data or let us take care of it for you.

Security First

Designed from the ground up with security in mind at every step. Encryption at rest. Read-only access to your repository hosting providers.

Where does your code live?

We currently support Bitbucket and Github. Use one of these? Great, let's go!

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Gitlab, Github Enterprise, Bitbucket Server, Azure Devops, AWS Code Commit and self-hosted remotes coming soon. To be notified when we support additional services join our mailing list.

What does it look like?

Your workspaces (teams), repositories and snapshots are accessible via the web interface. Configuration over the data residency, bucket configuration and backup rules for repositories are all controlled from your settings.

Simple Pricing with a 30-day trial

Pricing is based on how many repositories are configured to be backed up automatically.

  • 1


  • 10


  • 50


  • 100


  • 250


  • 500


  • 1000


  • 2000


All tiers include: 60 day retention, daily backups, no storage fees, control over which repositories to back up and what to do about future ones, top-notch support, audit logs (coming soon) and encryption-at-rest. Any repositories over 2,000 will be charged at $0.25/repository/month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to backup my git repositories? Doesn't every developer have (essentially) a back up on their machine?

Disaster recovery (either from service failures or malicious users) and compliance with regulations are the most common reasons for needing to take backups of repositories.

You're right - as long as the developer has a full mirror of the repository on their local machine then they have a backup however they're probably keeping this repository up to date regularly (where as we take and save snapshots at time intervals) and may not be able to restore to a last known good state.

How do I backup up my git repositories?

You've got a few options to take a back up of a git repositories:

To take a full backup and get everything from your remote down to your local machine then you can use git clone --mirror.

To create an archive of the repository use git bundle --all.

What security processes are in place?

  • Authentication to your account is done via your service provider such as Bitbucket. Keep your Bitbucket account safe and your account with us will stay safe too.
  • Our access to your service provider can be revoked at any time by removing our app from your service provider account.
  • We only require read-only access to your service provider. We provide instructions on how to restore a backup but don't do this automatically for you which is an architectural decision on our part. We don't want write access to your account and would prefer to trade off ease of use for security in a restoration scenario.
  • We use Amazon S3 to store your backups with server-side encryption enabled on all buckets. We also encrypt the backups ourselves before uploading to S3 with a key unique to each snapshot. If our AWS account were ever compromised, the attacker would still not be able to read your backups.